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Carrier is to air conditioning what Sony is to television, Ford is to cars, and Coca-Cola is to soda: the long-established name in its field that strives to deliver a high-quality product. Taking its namesake from Willis Carrier, who invented the air conditioner in 1902, Carrier was the first company to successfully market air conditioning as a cooling solution for the average home. Today, it remains the flagship name in the air conditioning world. Carrier air conditioner prices are competitive considering its reputation although generally higher than some other manufacturers. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Air Conditioners: Carrier Infinity Series

About: The Infinity Series is not just Carrier’s flagship system, it may be the consumer air conditioning industry’s flagship system. With an extremely high SEER rating of up to 21 and every top-of-the-line amenity available, this is the ultimate in air conditioning luxury. Of course, with those benefits comes one of the most pricey air conditioners on the market.

Key aspects:

  • SEER up to 21.
  • Two-stage cooling for operation at 100% and 67% to improve humidity.
  • Infinity Control: a loaded-with-options temperature control including remote access.
  • Silencer System II technology for quiet operation (as low as decibels).
  • 10-year parts limited warranty.


Air Conditioners: Carrier Performance/Comfort Series Greensburg, Latrobe, and Irwin, PA

About: There’s a noticeable drop in efficiency and perks from the Infinity Series to the Performance/Comfort Series, but Carrier air conditioner prices for this line take a significant dip as well. Despite few amenities, there’s still plenty of savings to be found on your monthly electric bills with the Performance/Comfort Series due to a SEER rating of up to 18. Unfortunately, most models lose out on the multiple stage cooling, which can further reduce your cooling bills while helping to remove humidity and improve overall comfort.

Key aspects:

  • SEER up to 18.
  • Single-stage cooling (less effectively reduces humidity and energy use than multiple stages).
  • Operates as low as 66 decibels.
  • 10-year parts limited warranty.

If there’s an air of superiority to these units, it’s because they’re the quietest, most efficient models we make. Built for total home comfort, our Infinity series central air conditioners offer an enviable SEER rating of up to 21. Combine it with our innovative Infinity® control for our highest degree of comfort management.

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